Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Huka Falls | Taupo

Huka falls is an easy walk from Taupo, along the Waikato river. Huka falls isn't actually a fall at all, but a narrowing of the river, causing a powerful surge of water. It is truly an amazing sight, as the change happens so quickly; one moment the river is flowing quietly, the next it's a powerful force, the water turning the bluest of blue.

After coming to Huka falls, I still had some time, so I decided to continue on to Aratiatia rapids. This ended up being quite a walk (I think I walked almost 20 km in the end), but really lovely, and peaceful. It's funny to observe the tourists in New Zealand. Both Huka falls and Aratiatia rapids are tourist attractions, and they are both places you can drive to. So the falls and the rapids are filled with people, taking selfies and being generally touristy. But the walks between them aren't attractions, they're just walks, so most toursits don't go there. Which meant I had them almost to myself.

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