Friday, 16 October 2015


I purposefully booked a late ferry to the South Island, hoping to catch some good views of the sunset. What I got instead was this:

Still, it's a pretty good view. And I guess it was pretty lucky that the one day it rained was a travel day.

The next day I woke up to glorious sunshine, a perfect day to explore Queen Charlotte Sound. I was joined by three guys staying at my hostel, and we walked to what is known as the Snout, which is basically just the tip of the headland. There are some pretty good views along the way.

 These are sneaky photos, as I find it too awkward to take photos of anything but the landscape when other people are around.

The next day I walked off by myself, to find another view point. As I decided not to work in New Zealand, I'm on a bit of a tighter budget. As I have some activities in mind to spend money on, I try to do as many free things as possible. Luckily for me, the scenery is what New Zealand is known for, and nature is completely free.

As I was alone this time, I could shamelessly take as many selfies as I wanted to. Just in case you missed my face...

 Some other people staying at the hostel had said that there are glowworms in the woods around Picton, so a German girl and I joined forced to try to find them, as neither of us particularly wanted to walk aorund the woods in the middle of the night by ourselves. After walking for about an hour we were sure we had missed them, so we headed on back. But looking carefully everwhere on the way back we finally spotted some! They are quite hard to find, just because you can only see them if it's completely dark, and obviously it's not really practical to walk around the woods without a torch when it's pitch-black. Glowworms really just look like stars, or tiny LED-lights, but they are pretty amazing to see. Now I tried to photograph them, I really did.

This is the best I got. I guess you just have to trust me when I say that they're pretty cool. If you're ever in New Zealand, you should definitely make sure to see some glowworms! Alternatively you can see them in one of the other four places in the world they exist (according to Wikipedia: Australia, Tangier in Morocco, Western Ghats in India, and Dismals Canyon in Alabama, USA.)

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