Saturday, 28 November 2015


Dunedin is sometimes called the Edinburgh of the South, and having spent 4 years in Edinburgh I was quite curious to see it. When I got of the bus I though the nickname was extremely exaggarated, as what I saw didn't look a bit like Edinburgh. However, the more I saw of the city the more I saw the similarities as well.

 While there are quite a few buildings that could fit right into Edinburgh, they are surrounded by modern blocks and architecture from other eras, overall creating a completely different effect.

Dunedin was established by Scottish settlers, who came to New Zealand because of the religion, and wanted to build a new Edinburgh in the south. They are very proud of their Scottish heritage, and has a lot of Scottish-themed tourist attractions. They have a red double-decker bus, and a bagpipe that greets all the cruise ships coming into town.

There is a Scottish shop...
... that has a surprising amount of Welsh dragons in their window. I guess being British is close enough. But looking away from architecture and tourist traps, Edinburgh and Dunedin actually have quite similar vibes. They are both university cities, with a lot of second-hand shops, independent cafés and great bookshops. And it's funny how these two cities have developed in similar directions, even though there is now more than 150 years since the Scottish settled here.

Dunedin also boasts having the steepest street in the world, Baldwin street.

And there is an amazing wildlife in the area, especially when you get out on the peninsula, where I didn't go. I did come across this sea lion just chilling on the beach though (it is a resting area for sea lions, so it's not really an unusual sighting).

I turned 23 while in Dunedin. I wasn't too bothered about the though of celebrating my birthday alone, as it has come to mean less and less to me as I've gotten older. I thought I should do something special though, so I went on the Cadbury world tour, which was only okay (they don't actually go into the manufacturing area, which is fine, but it was still a bit too short). They had a salted caramel chocolate cake in the café, though, which was perfect for me.t

Afterwards I got some sushi and sat in the Botanic Gardens. The day before had been quite chilly, but the sun had decided to come out this day. I choose to believe it was just for me.

And I went on a tour of Speight's brewery. I actually liked the brewery tour more than the chocolate one (I know, I don't quite know what's happened to me either). It helped that the sample sized were actually quite generous. And that our guide told us we could just work the taps ourselves.

And at the end of the day I managed to go out with a couple of people and get some cocktails. In all it was a very nice day, but it didn't at all feel like my birthday, and I cared more than I thought I would. I actually think I would've enjoyed the day more if it wasn't my birthday, as I then wouldn't go around with the feeling that I had to make the day special.

And this is what I look like at 23. Very similar to what I looked like at 22. In honour of my birthday I actually put on make-up, which is a bit of a novelty these days.

I ended up enjoying Dunedin a lot, though. It is possibly my favourite New Zealand city (though there isn't really a whole lot to choose from).

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