Saturday, 21 November 2015


I was a bit apprehensive about my visit to Queenstown, because people had kept saying how amazing it was, but mostly because of all of the extreme things you can do there. As an Israeli guy told me: "You just do crazy things during the day and party all night." As I'd already gone bungee jumping, I wasn't planning on doing any kind of extreme sports, and although I enjoy a drink or two, I usually hate the places people describe as "great party places". The apprehension disappeared, however, when I realized that 1) just because people kept saying how "awesome" it was, I had no obligation to like it, and 2) I could do Queenstown my own way, and pick and choose the attractions that appealed to me.

My Queenstown consisted of...

... a Saturday arts and crafts market

With a view of the Remarkables in the background and a lot of great local artists.

... a Lord of the Rings tour

Which was good not so much because of the Lord of the Rings locations, but because it was nice to see some of the general scenery around Queenstown.

... Fergburger

It's a famous burger place that everybody talks about, so you just kinda have to go. They do have good burgers, though, even my veggie one!

... a hike to the top of Ben Lomond

Which proved to be quite hard work, but well worth it. It was pretty much exactly the kind of hike I wanted from New Zealand; the kind where you really feel that you've used your body, and your legs feel like jelly afterwards, and in return you're rewarded with the kind of great views you can only get by climbing a mountain.

Topped of with a pretty good view from the hostel and some very lovely people, it made for a few very nice days in Queenstown.

Queenstown is a bit of a strange place though, because basically everybody there are foreigners, mostly Brits. As it is known for its extreme sports and its nightlife, that's what people come there to do, and it just feels very artificial.

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