Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Tekapo is a quite small place, but it still has some attractions to offer visitors. The first is that its known to have one of the darkest and clearest night skies in the world, due to basically no light pollution. Unfortunately for me, it was cloudy for most of the time I was there. Oh well, I guess I can't always be lucky.

The second attraction is the Church of the Good Shepherd. This is a small church located on the edge of the lake, from 1935. I've grown up with parents who would drive an hour out of our way on family holidays just to have a look at some local church. Like any normal children we kinda resented this, but now I have to go take a look if there is a known church nearby. The Church of the Good Shepherd felt like exactly the kind of place my parents would visit. The only difference being that this is somewhere everybody stops, not just people like my parents. At any time of day there will be some tour bus stopping there. It feels very strange to see such masses of people waiting to visit such a little church. When you go to large cathedrals it feels like they were made to be looked at, but this felt like it was built to be used.

The third attraction is its lupin fields, which were in bloom while I was there. Lupins aren't a new sight to me, but it was still beautiful to see fields of purple and pink, all with a backdrop of the lake and mountains.

I only had one full day in Tekapo, and there was one walk I wanted to do, up the Mt John summit. So despite the grey look outside and the gloomy weather forecast, I set out to do the walk. When I got to the top it was actually snowing! Which felt quite bizarre after spending my last day in Mount Cook wearing shorts.

Luckily there was a café at the top, as there is an observatory there. I had my journal and Sylvia Plath ready, and with a hot chocolate and a piece of cheese cake, it was pretty nice to sit inside in the warmth while watching the crazy weather outside.

 I didn't actually mind the weather, though slightly regretting not wearing full-length leggings. But as I was going back down I walked through a forest area, and walking through it it felt more like early winter in Norway than late spring in New Zealand. As we are getting closer to Christmas this was great, as it made me so excited to have a proper winter in Norway, which I really haven't had for four years. And as I walked through that forest in the snow, the Christmas spirit came upon me in full. In comparison, where I am now there has been +20 degrees today. I'm still looking forward to Christmas, but it's difficult to be in a christmassy mood when it feels like the middle of summer. Not complaining, though! I'm going to enjoy my last two weeks of summer in full before going back to Norway to enjou the cold and white winter.

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